Our library of dance classes will allow your child to grow and engage with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors, from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.


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Distance Dancing

We know that studying dance in person is the most ideal situation, but when faced with challenges such as illness, weather related closings or vacations, virtual learning can be a strong alternative to not learning at all. 


Skills Stay Sharp

If your child has been studying dance in a studio, our pre-recorded classes will help keep skills sharp until we come together again, in person.  It is important that dancers keep the discipline of a routine, especially at a young age.

Kids Remain Engaged

Is your child new to dance?  Our fresh lesson plans and carefully crafted themes will make learning fun for your child, while introducing them to the many joys that an arts education brings. This could be the start of something great!

Making The Most Of Your Time

Our dynamic Teaching Team has created pre-recorded content  to keep your child on track when at home.

Choose the class that suits you, and add some structure to those free-form, learn-at-home days.  

Your course will be available to you whenever you are ready!

Registration is Now Open

Enroll in one or more of our pre-recorded dance programs and give your child the chance to express themself through movement during while learning from home.


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